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You may be waiting for the E-books of Bangladesh Open University. Today,  I will share Bangladesh Open University books with you. You know BOU has been shared with all E-books on online platforms. But whenever you need it, you can not get these books easily. If you follow our website, you will easily get all the E-books of Bangladesh Open University. I have shared all the e-books categorically and the faculty basis of Bangladesh Open University. So, you have to read this article carefully to get E-books easily, which are offered at Bangladesh Open University.

Faculty Basis Bangladesh Open University Books PDF

There are six faculty of Bangladesh Open University. Now, I will share with you all the faculty’s E-books.

1. Faculty of School of Education:

One of the oldest schools of the university offering three formal programs (MEd, BEd, CED). Here you will get all the books from the School of Faculty. So, Find your desired ebooks/course materials on the given links:

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2. Faculty of School of Social Science Humanities & Languages:

There are six faculties in Bangladesh Open University. The faculty of the School of Social Science Humanities & Languages is one of the important faculties. It consists of some disciplines like Bangla, English, Arabic, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science, Geography & Environment, Sociology, History, Islamic Study, Islamic History & Culture, etc. Here, I have provided all E-book of this faculty. Download it

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3. Faculty of School of Agriculture & Rural Development:

This faculty is an agricultural and rural development basis faculty. The main objective of the school is to develop of Agricultural Sector and Rural development. This faculty consists of formal and non-formal programs. There are six formal and four non-formal education programs. In this post, You will get the E-books of this school.

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4. Faculty of Open School:

Open school faculty is the most popular faculty at Bangladesh Open University. It is also the largest faculty. There are a lot of students from this faculty. In fact, it has three programs, Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS). Here, I have provided E-books links. Just click on the program’s name.

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5. Faculty of School of Science & Technology:

The main objectives of this school are to develop the science and technology sector by providing proper training and teaching. It is one of the most important faculty of BOU. Six programs are actively running. On this website, you will get all the ebooks of all programs of Bangladesh Open University.

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6. Faculty of School of Business:

It is only the faculty that is business-related.  School of Business faculty is the most valuable faculty of all faculty of Bangladesh Open University. At present, some programs are actively running. I have tried to give here all the e-books of this faculty. Click on the program’s name to download

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