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Bangladesh Open University is one of the public universities in Bangladesh. It has many Bachelor’s & Master’s degree programs. There are some regional centers in our country. Bangladesh Open University has a large storage of E-books. It is a great opportunity for students. Any students can download these electronic books(E-books). Today, I will share with you all the E-books of Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS). Whenever it will need, you can download it from our website. Read this full article and download your desired file which you want.

BOU Bachelor of Education eBook Download Old Syllabus

Bangladesh Open University has launched its online E-books program only for students. It’s a great privilege for the students. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is the bachelor’s program of BOU. E-books are available on the online platform of Bangladesh Open University’s Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program. This program is hosted by the faculty of the School of Education (SOE). In this article, I have provided the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program’s PDF file(E-books) of all courses. Don’t neglect this post. Read this full article, and see what we have provided for you.

Bangladesh Open University BEd First Semester eBook With Course Code

Here, I have given E-Books link all courses of the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program.  I have also given semester wise E-books of the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program.

B.Ed First Semester Compulsory Subject

  1. Essential Teaching Skills-1 – Code: EDBN-1311
  2. Essential Teaching Skills-2 – Code: EDBN-1312
  3. Secondary Education, Curriculum and Child Development-1 – Code: EDBN-1313
  4. Secondary Education, Curriculum and Child Development-2 – Code: EDBN-1314

B.Ed First Semester Optional Subject

  1. Bangla Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN 1521
  2. Bangla Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN-2521
  3. Business Education Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN-1522
  4. Business Education Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN-2522
  5. English Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN-1523
  6. English Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN-2523
  7. Mathematics Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN-1524
  8. Mathematics Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN-2524
  9. Science Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN-1525
  10. Science Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN-2525

B.Ed Second Semester Compulsory Subject

  1. Learning, Evaluation and Reflective Practice-1 – Code: EDBN 2315
  2. Learning, Evaluation and Reflective Practice-2 – Code: EDBN 2316
  3. Supportive research – Code: EDBN 2317
  4. Basic Computer Skills – Code: EDBN 2318

B.Ed Second Semester Optional Subject

  1. Social Science Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN 1531
  2. Social Science Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN 2531
  3. Agricultural Education Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN 1532
  4. Agricultural Education Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN 2532
  5. Information and Communication Technology Teaching-1 – Code: EDBN 1533
  6. Information and Communication Technology Teaching-2 – Code: EDBN 2533

BOU Bachelor of Education eBook Download New Syllabus

For your convenience, I have also provided with you the new Syllabus of this Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program. Read this full article carefully and download your desired E-books from below. Have a look.

New Syllabus Subject With Course Code

  1. Secondary Education – Code: EDBN-1401
  2. Learning-Teaching Skills and Strategies – Code: EDBN-1402
  3. ICT in Education – Code: EDBN-1403
  4. Bangla Teaching – Code: EDBN-1411
  5. Teaching English – Code: EDBN-1412
  6. Teaching Bangladesh and the World – Code: EDBN-1416
  7. Teaching Geography and Environment – Code: EDBN-1417
  8. Advanced ICT Teaching – Code: EDBN-1418
  9. Mathematics Teaching – Code: EDBN-1421
  10. Teaching Physics – Code: EDBN-1422
  11. Teaching Chemistry – Code: EDBN-1423
  12. Biology Teaching – Code: EDBN-1424
  13. Business Entrepreneurship Teaching – Code: EDBN-1431
  14. Teaching Accounting – Code: EDBN-1432
  15. Finance and Banking Education – Code: EDBN-1433

BOU Bachelor of Education Learner guide

For your convenience, I have given the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program’s course learner guide link in this post. You have to click on this link then you will go to your desire webpage.

Click here to see learner’s guide

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