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BOU Rangpur Regional Center

Rangpur is one of the most populated and largest divisions in Bangladesh with a population of 2542441. Most of the people of the territory are illiterate and Bangladesh Government has already taken many steps to make the people advance in all phases. To make it easy, Bangladesh Open University has set up a regional center in Rangpur and has been working for the backward and unprivileged students since it is established.

As a result of the dedicated efforts of Bangladesh Open University, today the light of education is now in every house and around 41% of people are educated. So here will be informed about the Bangladesh Open University Rangpur Regional Center as well as the Rangpur Sub-regional Centers and the schools and colleges that offer verities of programs of BOU. For more, visit

BOU Rangpur Regional Center

Rangpur is the northern area of Bangladesh and most of the people in this territory are below the poverty line and can’t pursue their studies easily. Each year, a mentionable number of students drop out, especially the poor and girls. Observing that, Bangladesh Open University, desires to set up a regional center here in Rangpur. Finally, the RS is established and it is situated in Rangpur city adjacent to the Bus terminal. Over the years, thousands of students have taken education in different disciplines from the BOU and hundreds of the schools and colleges have included verities of programs of BOU. Here we will be informed about the Rangpur RSc and SRSc.

Sub-Regional Centers

There is a total of nine sub-regional centers in the Rangpur Regional Center. Here is a list of the Rangpur Sub-Regional Centers as well as their codes. With these Sub-regional centers, anyone can get communicate with these centers and can get help.

Study Center Name Code
Rangpur 30
Syedpur 25
Lalmonirhat 26
Dinajpur 23
Kurigram 28
Nilphamari 24
Kaligonj 26
Thakurgaon 22
Panchagarh 21

Program Wise Schools and Colleges

Students in Rangpur sometimes ask what schools or colleges offer BOU programs in Rangpur and some the other similar questions. As a great number of people have no idea about the schools and colleges that offers programs dominated by the Bangladesh Open University, I have gathered here all the program-wise school and college names that will help you very much to find out schools and colleges.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)/ Higher School Certificate (HSC) Programs

Most of the students of the Rangpur drop out at an early age from school and they can’t continue their studies due to a number of reasons after a few years they desire to complete their SSC  and HSC courses. For the leg behind students, Bangladesh Open University has taken a number of initiatives to make the backword student advanced. Here are some schools that offer SSC and HSC education under the BOU, especially to the aged and backward students.

Rangpur SSC Programs Study Centers Rangpur HSC Programs Study Centers

  • Robertsongonj High School & Colleg, Rangpur, 308
  • Rangpur High School, Rangpur., 226
  • Mithapukur High school, Mithapukur, Rangpur, 302
  • Pairaband B. R. M. Girls High School, 309
  • Haldibari High School Kawnia. Rangpur, 229


  • Thakurgaon Riverview School, Thakurgaon, 221
  • Thakurgaon Road Girls High School, Thakurgaon, 200
  • Pirganj Pilot High School, Thakurgaon, 222
  • Central High School, Thakurgaon, 225

Nilphamari- 24

  • Rabeya Balika Bidya Niketon, Nilphamari, 247
  • Al-Haj Mobarak Hossain Onirban High School, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari, 248
  • Dimla High School, Dimla, Nilphamari, 252
  • Gomnati High School, Domar, Nilphamari, 246


  • Kaligonj K.U.P Pilot High School, Kaligonj, Lalmonirhat, 262
  • Hatibandha S S High School, Hatibandha, Lalmonirhat, 272
  • Patgram T.N High Schoo, Patgram, Lalmonirhat, 271


  • Namuri Ideal Girls High School. Aditmari, Lalmonirhat, 265


  • Panchagorh Govt. Girls High School, 211
  • Panchagarh Poura Ideal High School, 215
  • Boda Pilot High School, Panchagar, 737


  • Sayedpur Pilot Girls High School, Sayedpur, 245

Dinajpur- 23

  • Deogaon Reazuddin High School, Nawabganj, Dinajpur., 739
  • Kashipur High School, Sadar, Dinajpur., 736
  • Birgonj Pilot High School, Dinajpur, 233
  • Ideal Buddha Niketan, Parbotipur, Dinajpur, 235
  • Chirirbandar Pilot High School, Dinajpur, 234
  • Birampur Pilot High School, Dinajpur., 236
  • Dinajpur Zila School, Dinajpur, 231
  • Dinajpur Govt. Girls High School, Dinajpur., 227

Kurigram- 28

  • Kurigram Riverview High School, Kurigram., 281
  • Kutirchar High School. Rowmari, Kurigram., 288

  • Rangpur Govt. College, Rangpur300
  • Pirgonj Mohila Degree College, Rangpur307
  • Pirgacha Mohila College, Rangpur259
  • Gangachora women’s Degree College, Rangpur25
  • Kaunia mohila Degree College, Rangpur308
  • Pairabandha Begum Rokeya Smirity degree College, Rangpur249
  • Badargonj Degree College, Rangpur229

Thakurgaon -22

  • Bhully Degree College, Thakurgaon205
  • Pirganj Women College, Thakurgaon227
  • Ranisonkail B.M College, Thakurgaon224


  • Saidpur Govt. College, Saidpur, Nilphamari240


  • Karimuddin Public Degree College,  Kaligonj, Lalmonirhat261
  • Hatibandha Mohila  College, Lalmonirhat262
  • Patgram Mohila  College, Lalmonirhat271


  • Lalmonirhat Adarsha Degree College, Lalmonirhat.203
  • Aditmari Govt. College, Aditmari,Lalmonirhat .263

Dinajpur- 23

  • K.B M College, Dinajpur235
  • Kholahati Degree College, Dinajpur234
  • Nawabgong Degree College, Dinajpur238
  • Ranir Bandar Women College, Dinajpur223
  • Parbatipur Ideal Degree College, Dinajpur218
  • Golapgonj Degree College, Dinajpur228
  • Setabgonj  College, Dinajpur232
  • Hakimpur  College, Dinajpur233
  • Birgonj Mohila College, Dinajpur231
  • Dinajpur Ideal College, Dinajpur230
  • Shahid Smriti Adarsha Degree College, Fulbari, Dinajpur258
  • Birampur women’s College, Dinajpur.242


  • Mashiur Rahman Degree College, Nilphamari243
  • Rabeya Chowdhury Mohila Degree College241
  • Dimla Mohila College, Nilphamari246


  • M.R  Govt.  College, Panchagarh210
  • Patraj College, Panchagarh206
  • Debigonj Degree College, Panchagarh211

Kurigram- 28

  • Nageshwari College, Nageshwari, Kurigram283
  • Golam Habib wmens  college, Chilmari, Kurigram.285
  • Rowmari Women’s  Degree  College, Rowmari, Kurigram.221
  • Majida Adarsha Degree College, Kurigram281







Other Programs

Rangpur Regional Center comprises a number of sub-regional centers that conduct the other programs in some schools and colleges. Rangpur Regional Center offres B.Ag.Ed, BBA, BEd, MEd, DCSA, and MPH programs to the students of this territory. For more keep reading the following information carefully.

Sub-Regional Center Name & Code  Study Center Name & Code 
B.Ag.Ed Program
Rangpur-30 A.T.I Tajhat, Rangpur-300
Dinajpur- 23 Hazi Mohammad Danesh Science. & Tech. University. Dinajpur-235
K. B. M. College, Dinajpur- BIMS
BBA Program
Rangpur-30 Begum Rokya University, Rangpur 305
Dinajpur- 23 Hazi Mohammad Danesh Science. & Tech. University. Dinajpur.. 239
BEd Program
Rangpur-30 Govt. Teacher’s Training College, Rangpur 09
Dinajpur- 23 Govt. College, Dinajpur. 21
MEd Program
Rangpur-30 Govt. Teacher’s Training College, Rangpur 300
DCSA Program
Rangpur-30 Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur 300
MPH Program
Rangpur-30 Rangpur Community Medical College Hospital 300

Bangladesh Open University Bogura Regional Center

Rangpur Regional Center Address

Here are the Rangpur Regional center address and contact numbers. For any necessity, this information will be helpful for you. So note down the information.

  • Address: Regional Centre, Rangpur Bangladesh Open University R.K Road (Adjacent to Central Bus Terminal), Rangpur.
  • Contact: Regional Director
    Phone: 0521-63593 Fax: 64806
    E-mail: [email protected]