BOU MA MSS & Exam Routine 2021

The BOU’s MA/MSS Exam Routine-2021 of the postponed routine 2020 has been published on the official website of Bangladesh Open University. You will able to get the routine from the official website of BOU and also here. Here I have added the Image and als0 the PDF of MA and MSS routine 2021.

BOU MA & MSS Routine 2021 Image

The authority of Bangladesh Open University has been announced the routine of MA and MSS exam-2021. The Exam will be held on 19 February 2021 and ends on 05 March 2021. Check the below Image to know more clearly.


BOU MA MSS Routine 2021 PDF

If you want to be more clear about the BOU’s MA/MSS exam routine, you can download a PDF copy of the BOU’MA MSS exam routine 2021 from here. To download click the below link.

Download BOU MA MSS Routine 2021 PDF

BOU MA/MSS 2nd Semester Preliminary Course Name With Code

  • PHI 301: Historical of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval period
  • BAN 507: Ruptottow, Rostottow, Alongkar, Chondo
  • HIST 511: Research Methodology
  • PHI 303: Modern Moral Philosophy
  • BAN 508: Modern Bangla
  • HIST 512: History of Modern Africa till 1945
  • PHI 306: Philosophy of science and Technology and policies Issues
  • BAN 509: Bangla Short stories
  • HIST 513: History of West Asia (Since 1453)
  • IST 606: Study of Hadith
  • SOC 607:Theories of social Change
  • POL 606: Understanding Public Policy in Bangladesh
  • MPH 506: Feminist Philosophy
  • BAN 606: Modern Bangla Poem-2
  • IST 607: Dawah in the Quran and Sunnah
  • SOC 608: Understanding Social Change in Bangladesh
  • POL 607: International Affairs: Issues Instructions and globalization
  • MPH 507 Philosophy of Social Science
  • BAN 607: Bangla Novel-2
  • IST 608: Scientific Indications in the Holy Quran and Health
  • SOC 609: Village Studies in Bangladesh
  • POL 608: Governance Studies: Issues and Dynamics.
  • MPH 508: Comparative Religion
  • BAN 608: Upovashatottow And Somaj-Vashabiggan.

BOU MA MSS 2nd Semester Final Course Name With Code

  • IST 507: Study of al-HAdith
  • SOC 507: Classical Sociological Theory
  • POL 507: Politics in Pakistan and the Emen=rgence of Bangladesh
  • IST 508: Principles and history of Hadith literature
  • SOC 508: Sociology of Deviance and crime
  • POL 508: Religion, Ethnic Issues, and politics
  • IST 509: Muslim Personal Law and Law of inheritance
  • SOC 509: Population and Society
  • POL 509: Public Administration: Bangladesh perspective
  • IST 510: Banking and Insurance in Islam
  • SOC 510: Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment
  • POL 510: Research Methodology and statistics
  • PHI 403:Philosophycal and Environmental Thinking of the Bangalees
  • BAN 510: Bangla Natok
  • HIST 514: History of China and Japan
  • IST 511: Study of Religion
  • SOC 511: Institutionalization of Democracy in Bangladesh
  • POL 511: Government and politics in South and East Asia
  • PHI 404: Environmental Ethics and politics
  • BAN 511: Bangla Probonsho
  • HIST 515: History of Russia Since 1861
  • IST 512: Muslim Contribution to Science and Technology
  • SOC 512: Sociology of Disaster Management
  • POL 512: International Politics and Relations
  • PHI 406: Aesthetics and the Environment
  • BAN512: Dhonitottow and Bakkotottow
  • HIST 516: History of Culture Heritage of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Open University MA MSS Admission Circular 2020

All the information about the BOU’s MA/MSS exam routine has collected from the official website of Bangladesh Open University. I hope you will be benefited from this information. If you find any information that I have not added, please let me know by comment.