Bangladesh Open University BAgEd Syllabus & Details (Education Program Details)

Bangladesh Open University has a School of Agriculture & Rural Development (SARD) that offers all the agriculture-related information and programs to the students. Bachelor of Agricultural Education (B.Ag.Ed) is one of the programs of the SARD school of the Bangladesh Open University Bangladesh.

This program is now very important according to the demand of the era. So students are so interested in getting admitted to this course, and before applying for the course, they ask some questions like the BAgEd course details, study cost, syllabus, and so on. Today this article is written on it. If you are interested in this course, this article is for you. Keep reading patiently.

Bachelor of Agricultural Education (B.Ag.ed) Program Details

Foremost, it is very important to know about the Bachelor of Agricultural Education simply BAgEd. Here is the detailed information about the Bachelor of Agricultural Education. BAgEd is a Degree (Bachelor) course for 6 semesters. Every November-December and May-June, BAgEd admission is held. To know more, focus on the following table.

Level Degree (Bachelor)
Semester 06
Semester duration 06 Month
Duration of each tutorial session 55 minutes for each theoretical session & 110 minutes for each practical session
Total credit hour 95
Minimum duration 3 Years
Registration validity 6 Years
Admission time (Twice a Year) November-December and May-June
Minimum Requirement for Admission HSC (Science/Agriculture group or Any group including subject of Agricultural Science) or Diploma in Agriculture/Equivalent Certificate with minimum second class or GPA 2.0
Course per semester 7-8

B.Ag.ed Program Study Cost

Most of the students of this country ask about the total costs of the BAgEd course at Bangladesh Open University. As all the information about BAgEd is not so available, I have broadly described them below in a table neatly so that anyone can get any information easily. Here is the information about the BOU B.Ag.Ed program study costs include admission and registration.

Admission guide with form 200/-
Registration fee (Per semester) 200/-
Course fee (Per course) 600/-
Course fee (Per course) 300/-
Academic Calendar fee (Each) 50/-
Re-exam fee (Per course) 300/-
Program Transcript/Marks sheet fee 400/-
Marks sheet (Per semester) 100/-
Provisional Certificate fee 300/-
Main Certificate fee 500/-
Testimonial fee 100/-
Tutorial Center Change fee 500/-
Answer script re-scrutinize fee (Per course) 100/-
Error correction fee (Name/Father Name/ Birthdate etc.) 200/-
Migration certificate fee 300/-

BAgEd Syllabus

Bangladesh Open University has played a great role in improving the agricultural sector of this country, providing agricultural-related programs to the students. BAgEd program is one of them.

Thousands of students around the country take this course and are well educated. So if you want to take this course from BOU, you should know the BOU BAgEd syllabus. Here are the details for you.

Bangladesh Open University BAgEd Syllabus & Details (Education Program Details) 1
Bangladesh Open University BAgEd Syllabus & Details (Education Program Details) 2

Here are two links that will help you know more about the Bangladesh Open University BAgEd course. I hope all this information will be helpful for you. If you need any more information relevant to the article, leave a comment below.